A beautifully designed website with engaging content is a winning combination. But what’s one thing that can negatively effect even the best design? Poorly chosen stock photos.

Your audience has gotten smart and knows that the cheesy group of suits shaking hands is a cheap image found on any stock photography site. Instead of connecting with your audience, a mediocre stock image could impact your credibility and decrease the likelihood of getting that all-important conversion.

So, what to do?

Not all stock images are bad! In fact, with a little searching and a decent budget, you can often find great photography that will resonate with your audience and help to reinforce your brand. But if you really want to make a great impression, a real photoshoot is the way to go.

There are many benefits of utilizing images from your own photoshoot, such as:

  1. Your own products and services displayed beautifully on your site
  2. Locations and models that represent your brand
  3. Creating a look that connects with your audience
  4. Elevating your look to be professional and authentic

Our team is on-site today shooting real photography for our latest project currently in the works. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening…

canvas photoshoot

Jared working on photoshoot